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Creation of visual communication for individuals and businesses Graphic/website design résumé in French and English
Web site design and development in Paris and Île-de-France Request an estimate or prices for your graphic/website design project
Corporate/visual identity for your business across all types of visual communication graphic web designer paris
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graphic design website design paris graphic design website design paris
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keith@keithsarver [dot] com
address: 19, rue Arthur Dalidet, 94700 Maisons-Alfort France
phone: +33 (0)950.395.926 & +33 [0]632.051.984

Education & Training

Azur Conseil, Paris, France
Social Media Training & Certification, 2019
Certified WordPress; WooCommerce; & Advanced Development Training, 2018

American University of Paris, Paris, France
Web Site and Design Management Certificate, 7/00
 Five modules including: Web Site Prototype Design • Basic HTML •
 Web Marketing Strategies • Managing a Web Site • Advanced HTML

Marshall University, Huntington, WV, USA
Master of Arts, 8/97, Major: Painting
BA in the Humanities, 5/94, Major: Classical Studies, Minor: Art History
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 7/93, Major: Graphic Design, Minor: Ancient Greek

Professional Experience

Freelance and Graphic Designer–recent projects
Website/graphic design, Paris Intl, & Travelling Desk, French Riviera Intl  Paris, 2006–present
Design/layout of a series of A2/A3 posters and A5 flyers, Paris-Saclay University, 10-12/2019
Designed a new logo, based on modified visual identity, Dauphine International News, 09/2019
Business cards/flyers/brochure designs, The Talking Tree, Paris, 2012–present
Creation of a book cover, Maria Sweeney, 01/2018
Creation of a book cover, Winston, 06/2016–01/2017
Creation of web banners and an animated gif, Stormshield, 08/2016
Freelance design/consultation, Agor@ssas – University Panthéon-Assas Paris II, 11/09/13–30/09/2016
Website design and maintenance/logo creation, The Talking Tree, Paris, 2011-02/2014
Website design & maintenance, Paris, 2007–present
Creation of informational website/updates, Paris, 2005–present
Logo, Suit & Tie Cleaning, Paris, 2013
Website creation/consultation, Cosmopolitan Concord, Paris, 10/10–02/11
Creation of commercial website & logo, R.T.S., Paris, 2009–11
Website creation/updates/maintenance, Nice, 2007-11
Promo flyers/poster, Konversando, Paris, fall 2010
Logos, C.R.E.AA.C.T.I.F. (unused); Zander Productions, Paris, 2010
Design/layout/illustration for 38-page 4-color booklet, Paris, 2010
Logo/labels, website design (except order pages), Cardinal Photographics, WV, USA, 2008 – changed since
Logos, business cards, etc., Zextrobe,VGA Bags, L’Amérique Française, R.T.S., Paris, 2007–08
Logo, business cards, brochures, sticker, ProVobis, Paris, 2007–09
Website & logo design; visual identity, Paris, 2007–09
Website & logo design; visual identity, Paris, 2007–09 – modified since
Website concept & logo design, Global Tech Forum, Paris, 2006  not online
Visual identity/logo, flyers, website, Paris, 2003–07 – site offline
Website creation/updates/maintenance, Tokyo, 2004–05 – changed since
Creation of informational website/updates, Paris, 2004
Graphic design; website maintenance & optimization, Paris, 2003–05 – changed since
Creation of informational website, Senegal, 2003 – site modified since
Creation of online catalog/e-boutique, Paris, 2003 – site changed since
Hang’Art: Exhibition invitation and website, 2000–02
Médicalex, Bagneux, France, 8/01– 3/02, graphic design/proofreading/translation
Art-Bridge: online gallery/informational site, Senegal, 2000-02
Other work experience
Adjunct English teacher
Dauphine International News – University Paris Dauphine, Paris, France, 2018-present
English teacher
Fréquences Langues, Paris, France, 10/1212/19
Group Leader/Co-founder
The Talking Tree, Paris, France, 1/24/11–present
  • Various levels of conversational English, Business English, with video and telephone sessions
Part-time English teacher
I2FP at the Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne – Franco-American Relations from Historical, Artistic and Literary Perspectives, Paris, France, Sept.– Dec. 2016 & Sept.– Dec. 2018
Adjunct English teacher
Agorassas – Université II Panthéon-Assas, Paris, France, 11/1107/13
Internet Assessor
L10nBridge International, Dublin, Ireland, 10/6 – 4/11
Group Leader
Konversando, Paris, France, 1/4– 10/9/02, and 1/27/03 – 12/31/10
  • Various levels of conversational English, Business English and International English
Director/Counselor of Séjours Linguistiques
American Village/Nacel, Paris, France, Director, 6/99 • 7/1 – 8/16/00
Counselor, 6/22 – 8/14/98 • 5/9 – 8/31/99 • 3 – 9/00, excluding Director dates
English Teaching Assistant
Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, Paris, France
  • Lycée Georges Brassens, 1/10/99 – 4/31/00
  • Lycées Arago/Technique Boulle, 1/10/97 – 5/15/98
Graphic Design Assistant
Meadow Bluff Press, Lewisburg, WV, 10/19/983/18/99, and 1993-94
Graduate Assistant
Marshall University Art Department, Huntington, WV, 1/9/95 – 3/9/97
  • Graphic Design/Computer Lab/Art Gallery/Slide Library Assistant
  • Instructor, Introduction to the Visual Arts university course
Counselor/Head Counselor
Upward Bound, Marshall University, WV, USA, 1993–97
  • Supervision of other counselors and 60 high school students
  • Teaching a variety of enrichment courses, including French, Art and Media, and Tennis
  • Writing progress reports and end-of-program reports
Intern, Graphic Design
Albert-Bogner Design Firm, Lancaster, PA, 5/17 – 7/11/93
Framer’s Assistant
Gallery 1897, Lewisburg, WV, 12/86 – 89


Association Article1, Paris, France, 2019
  • translation of an evaluation report; integration of parts into images/charts (French > English)
Ravi Shankar, USA, 2018
  • translation of 25 poems (English > French)
Capgemini France, Toulouse, France, 2018
  • translation & proofreading of text for transversal app design specifications (French > English)
Association Elles Bougent, Paris, France, 2017
  • translation of website and press release (French > English); proofreading
Synergie People, Lille, France, 2017
  • translation of a social questionnaire (French > English)
La Sphères des Possibles, Paris, France, 2017
  • translation of an in-house newsletter (French > English)
Agence Lever de Rideau, Paris, France, 2016–2017
  • proofreading/translating text for presentations, videos, etc. (French > English)
Who wants to destroy the Republican Party? The incredible Donald Trump (from French) by Jean-Eric Branaa, 2016; Passy Publishers
Declaration de Berne, Switzerland, 2016
  • translation of an article on corruption in commodities trading (French > English)
Fondation de Recherche Médicale, Paris, France, 2016
  • translation of a newsletter (French > English)
Agence Canopy/IFSTTAR, Paris, France, 2011-15
  • proofreading and translation of newsletters/text for magazines (French > English)
Hillary, une présidente des États-Unis? (50% from French) by Jean-Eric Branaa for online courses, 2015; Eyrolles Publishers
Barberline Magazine, Paris, France, 2015
  • proofreading and translation of two magazines (French > English)
Agence Ody.C, Paris, France, 2014
  • proofreading and translation for an Alstom magazine (French > English)
Devenir Musique, Paris, France, 2014
  • translation of music instrument repair/maintenance handbooks (French > English)
Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris, France, 2014
  • translation of menus for a week of special event meals (French > English)
Finances & Pédagogies, Paris, France, 2008-14
  • proofreading/translating newsletters (French > English)
Sinapse Graphics, France, 2012-13
  • translation of two Paris Commercial Court documents (French > English)
Les Glénans, Paris, France, 2011

  • translation of text for a brochure and an emailing (French > English)
LG Electronics France, Paris, France
  • 32 video recipes with Guy Martin for DVDs, from French > English, 2011 (French > English)
  • 133 product-specific recipes by Guy Martin, from French > English, 2010 (French > English)
Translation of résumés/cover letters (French > English) for numerous individuals, 2005–19
Translation of content for numerous websites, i.e.,,, Paris Terra Cultures (no longer exists), etc., 2002–11
Médicalex, Bagneux, 2001–02
  • text for a 200-page medical catalog
  • a booklet and a CD-ROM for medical products (French > English)


Ancient Greek
–bilingual spoken and reading
Modern German

Skills & Interests

Macintosh skills: Adobe CS/CC: Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop/Dreamweaver, Quark XPress,
Freehand, PageMaker, etc., 30 yrs. of Internet use.
Coding: HTML, CSS; basic Javascript & PHP
PC Skills: Adobe CS, Dreamweaver, Quark XPress, PageMaker; eXe Learning, Camtasia
Interests: Photography, film, painting, travel, music, baseball/softball (member Patriots de Paris club)


TalkTime, Paris, 2013–present – facilitating French/English conversation exchanges
Patriots Baseball and Softball Club, Paris, 2013 – officer
Association Paris Terra Cultures, Paris, 2003–07
Marshall University, Huntington, WV,
Campus Entertainment Unlimited, Fall 1990 to Spring 1994
Responsibilities included budgeting/organizing events for 12,000 students, negotiating with
  agents/lecturers/artists, mediating committee meetings, participating in staff meetings,
  creating promotional campaigns, etc.

Graduate Student Council, Public Relations Executive, 8/96 – 5/97
Tasks included creation of press releases, advertisements, flyers, collateral design & public relations

Honors & Awards

The Roman Baths Museum, Bath, England, photograph reproduced in the textbook (print & electronic
  versions), Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet, Canadian Edition by Botkin, Keller, and
  Heathcote, published by John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.
Chinoiseries parisiennes, two photos in a group exhibition of 50 photographers, 5/5 – 10/03,
  Mairie du 3ème, Paris, France
Hang’Art, group exhibition in Dak’Art Off (Biennial Dak’Art); Dakar, Senegal, 5/15 – 6/2/02
TRAKAD, Parts I-IX, Pastel drawings on paper, recycled aluminium
Autumn 2001 Time-Out Paris Free Guide, Photo published in article: Rock Star Hotels
WV State Fair Arts and Crafts Awards, Lewisburg, WV 8/98
Reflections in the Tuileries Gardens, Paris, France, 2nd place
Fulbright Teaching Assistant, Paris, France, 10/97 – 5/98
Graduate Exhibition, Birke Art Gallery, Marshall University, Huntington, WV June 7/17 – 28/97
Cardinal Valley Juried Exhibition, Ashland Area Art Gallery, Ashland, KY 5/2 – 7/1/97
Limelight, pastel on paper
Organized professional art students’ group, Artatak; President, 1996-97
Research grant from the MU Student Government Association, Spring 1997
Allied Artists Juried Exhibition, Sunrise Museum, Charleston, WV 8/3 – 9/17/96
The Goddess of Tragedy in the Theater of Apotropaism, diptych, oil on canvas
Italy: a memoir, hand-bound and -made book
MU Exhibition at Hampton, Hampton University, Hampton, VA 3/18 – 4/20/96
The Masks We Wear, oil on canvas
Research grant from the Marshall University Research Committee, Spring 1996
Aided in the design, writing and editing of the 1993-95 M.U. Art Department Newsletter
Designed logo and product label for Whistlekeep Herbal Vinegars
Received Program of the Year Award
  4/30/94, from the Office of Residence Services, Marshall University
Recieved Outstanding Leadership Award
  4/22/94, from the Office of Student Activities, Marshall University
Received Outstanding Leader-Scholar Award, Multicultural Award and Outstanding Contributions to
  Marshall and the Community

  4/2/94, from the Office of Student Activities, Marshall University
Received $1,000 grant for educational programming
  3/3/93, from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Marshall University
Figuratively Speaking: The Art of Animation, Huntington Museum of Art, WV; 10/18/92
  to 7/94; collaborative exhibition designed, created and implemented with four other art students;
  the show travelled to another museum
6th Annual Student Juried Exhibition, Birke Art Gallery, Huntington, WV
Superspade, graphic design piece
Figuratively Speaking: The Art of Animation, Honorable Mention
The Lion, Computer Generated, 2nd place
4th Annual Student Juried Exhibition, Birke Art Gallery, Huntington, WV
Through the Curtain, black and white photograph, 2nd place tie (1st place not given)
Most Improved in Painting I, Personal award from Professor Stan Sporny
WV State Fair Arts and Crafts Awards, Lewisburg, WV, 8/92
Self portrait, pastel on paper, 1st place
Through the Curtain, black and white photograph, 1st place
Intermingling the Triad, handbuilt ceramic vessel, 3rd place
Untitled, hand-lettered and -assembled book, 3rd place
Academic Scholarship, Marshall University, 1991-93
Eta Sigma Phi, Inducted 1991; Co-President, 1991-92; President, 1993-94
Omicron Delta Kappa, Inducted 1991; President, 1992-93
Dean’s List, 1989-94
Tuition Scholarship, Greenbrier Community College Center, 8/88 – 5/89
A Horse and His Boy, 2nd place in Lyric Poetry, WV Writer’s, Inc., 1987

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