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Professional translation/proofreading service Translation has become essential in the global economy, either to sell your products internationally, or to simply broaden your presence in the market. I can translate your text, document or website content so that you will reach new target audiences and present your message in English on an international scale.

Translation of website content The Internet has unquestionably transformed international and local marketing techniques, allowing you to reach new clients, whether on the other side of the world, or the other side of the city. Today you have millions of potential customers; why not translate the contents for your website into English, or even have a mother tongue English speaker correct your already translated text, so as to avoid any problems, misunderstandings or the risk of losing clients?

Translation of documents I am available to translate your résumé, newsletter, magazine, user’s guide, technical manual, or even a presentation pour a conference.

I work quickly, produce quality translations, and work within established deadlines.

Prices and calculation of translation fees The final price takes many factors into account: the difficulty (technicality) of the texte, the number of words to translate, complex or problematic formats the deadline, among others. After looking at the text to be translated, I will calculate the approximate price for your translation and send you an estimate.

Translation from French to English
from 0,13 € – per French word. (Discounts may be possible for repetitive texts).
Correction/proofreading of English texts
from 0,04€ – per English word.
Complicated layouts/reformating
+40€/hour (e.g. Adobe Acrobat to Word; problematic PowerPoint or Excel documents)
Supplemental/Emergency fees
+25% – if more than 2,500 words per working day.

My prices are calculated from the number of total words, so in order to know the price of your translation, just multiply the number or words (easily calculated in programs like Word), by the price/word. Minimum invoice = 50€.


1. Translation of a 6,000-word text
from French to English
0.14€/word, source doc = 840€
2. Large project/document
translation from French to everday
English (over 15,000 words)
0.13€ to 0.17€/word source doc, depending upon deadline
3. Résumé translation
approx. 50€ per page
4. Website translation, PHP sites,
blogs, help documents, tutorials, FAQs,
slide presentations, etc.
0.13€ to 0.23€/word from source, depending upon deadline and technicality

Creating an estimate I will need as much information as possible to give a precise estimate (the text to translate of course, the deadline, the document format, etc.). I will do my best to send a response within 48 hours following receipt of your request.

How long will it take? I can typically translate between 1,500 and 2,500 mots per day. Don't forget to take into account proofreading and correction, and printing time, if applicable, once the translation is done. To have an idea of the length of the project, you can divide the number of words by 1,500, plus one or two hours.

Payment Payment is required 30 days after invoicing. I prefer wire transfers, but also accept payments via PayPal. The client will be resonsable for any transfer/bank fees.


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